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Vyond 2018.svg.png This is a character that notably appears in Vyond videos.

Tenya Iida, also known as Ingenium is one of the main protagonists of The MHA Gang. He's based off the character in the anime series My Hero Academia.


Tenya is a relatively tall and muscular young man with a wide frame. He has short dark blue hair, flattened neatly down and parted on the right side of his head, a small patch completely shaved near the base of his head, and rather square eyes which match the notably pointed shape of his jaw. He wears glasses with rectangular lenses. Because of his Quirk, he possesses calves that are incredibly thick, and shaped like automobile engines, with three silver exhaust pipes protruding from each one.

His hero costume consists of a black one-piece suit with a high collar, over which he wears various pieces of armor, all in a pale silver in color, including a chest plate, a metal collar around his neck and another around his upper arm, and metal vambraces that extend past his elbows pointed at the ends. He wears a helmet covering his entire face, its sharp bevor full of holes to allow him to speak and breathe easily, and its upper piece rounded over his head with two larger holes on either side, two curved horns just behind and a single spike sticking out of the back of his head.

On his feet, he wears silver knee-high boots with gold accessories, which are specialized for his Quirk, and around his torso, he has three thick metal pipes, attached with a blue band, although these only serve as decoration. His armor is very lightweight and does not protect him much; its main purpose is to cut down air resistance rather than to protect him.

Typically, he wears a light-blue polo shirt along with dark green pants when not in hero duties.


Unlike in the original anime series where he's portrayed as a leader who takes things very seriously, Tenya is portrayed as a mischievous himbo with a love for music, especially BTS, Stray Kids, Porter Robinson, and WJSN.


Abe Lincoln[edit]

Abe is Tenya's boyfriend.

Other info[edit]

  • Name: Tenya Iida
  • First appearance: October 8, 2020
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 16
  • Family: Tensei Iida (brother), Tenya Iida's dad, Tenya Iida's mom
  • Allies: Eiji, Izuku Midoriya, Tsuyu Asui, Abe Lincoln, Shoto Todoroki, Cupcakke
  • Enemies: Wage, That Vegan Teacher, Mariokid
  • Likes: Beef stew, Stray Kids, WJSN, BTS, running
  • Dislikes: People not taking him seriously
  • Voice: Joey
  • Occupation: Student at U.A. High School, Musutafu, Japan


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