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Sanic teh Hegehog is a blue Hegehog that was one of the evil masterminds of the Video Game Wars. He had the power to go fast, as indicated by his catchphrase "gotta go fast." Mario Mario, ruler of the Nintendo Communist Empire, duked it out with Sanic once 10 years after the Video Game Wars, but some jerks gave Sanic a new villain to fight, leading to him becoming a "hero" in his franchise. Sanic used to be 16 years old, but finally, after some years, he turned 15. Ancient Geeks believe that Sonic would turn 14 in 2027, and possibly 13 in 2050. However, Sanic died in February 2015 after he was killed in the Blue Arm Protests that ensued after some idiot put tape on his arms on a poster of him. In March 2020, however, Sanic came back to life, reanimated by that curly-haired dude from Parks & Rec in a 90-minute Olive Garden commercial. Sanic was a rival of shadOW THE hEDGEhog, until the black hedgehog stopped being edgy and they became friends. Like the Mario series, Sanic also had a lot of bad videoshames, with the worst being the cancelled shame Sanic X-Treme. Sanic is actually slower than the Flash. As Sanic grew younger over time, he looked more and more like a human and less like an actual hedgehog. It is presumed that by the end of his life he will basically look like a blue-haired Jesus.

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