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Vyond 2018.svg.png This is a character that notably appears in Vyond videos.

Robert Storms is one of the protagonists in the Eiji Gets Grounded series created by ItMeansNothing. Having a massive hatred towards Korean culture, especially Parasite and K-Pop, he was hired by Eiji's mother to be his son's grounder whenever he screws up. He first appeared on October 8, 2020 in the video EIJIGETSGROUNDED4LIFE.webm as he took Eiji away to hell and making a cameo appearance in the sequel EIJI AND PORTROCK1556 GETS GROUNDED AGAIN!!!.mp4 and PAPRIKAGETSGROUNDSESGRUNDEDGRUNDED.parasite.



Robert's early look had him wear a light brown cap with green eyes and a blue shirt. He also wore dark grey pants and black shoes. However, his appearance changed in PAPRIKAGETSGROUNDSESGRUNDEDGRUNDED.parasite to having a large brown beard, and his cap and shirt now being grey and pants being black. His voice sounds like an Australian man.


  • Name: Robert
  • First Appearance: 2020
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: mid-30s
  • Family: Unknown
  • Allies: Paprika, Abe Lincoln, Arthur Fleck, Hellboy
  • Enemies: Eiji, Bong Joon-ho, David Harbour
  • Likes: Joker, American culture, grounding Eiji, superheroes
  • Dislikes: Parasite, Korean culture
  • Voice: Alan
  • Occupation: Grounder
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