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Lester and Chester Darion (known as The Darion Brothers) are two stickhuman brothers whom live in Stickland in a house inspired by a cabin that my family would go to in some other state. Lester is the positive cheerful one whose younger brother Chester is the foul-mouthed cynical one. Their parents, as of now, known as Mr. and Mrs. Darion, have been killed in a car accident, leaving the two here and Lester buying the house at the age of 19 after their grandmother, who moved in to the house after babysitting them, passed away from heart failure. Lester has a job working at a bar while Chester currently stays at home (because the setting in Stickland is summertime) playing video games, talking to his friends, or just watching TV. While Lester does have unnamed friends at the bar, Chester has friends named Barry Zarez, Larry Nathin, and Steve Jonsin, where they form a group at Barry's treehouse where they meet every Sunday (the brothers do not go to church, I do not plan to have my characters religious or part of any politcal stuff or LGBTQ+).

I'm fairly certain I made these characters either late 2018 (around December, I suppose) or early 2019. At that time, I felt like I wanted to do a South Park-like cartoon (I have yet to make any animations from non-Vyond) and have the characters move like the ones in South Park, but I ditched the idea because I also kept thinking of the characters moving like normal human beings. As it may look, Lester and Chester, as well as anyone I made for Stickland, are not inspired by Dick Figures nor was it intended as a rip-off (if you see it that way, I understand, but it's not).

Most people who make siblings as characters would like make the young one all happy and cheerful while the older one is a complete douchebag, but here, I swapped that. Lester, the older brother, is the one all happy and cheerful, while Chester, the younger brother (and the one I highly relate to), is the one who is complete douchebag.

To be honest, I'm not sure why I made the characters purple and white, but I do know that Stickland is normally colored, it's just the residents inside that are different colored, therefore toning racism in Stickland down a notch (in fact, the only way you can be racist is by calling a stickhuman a "sticker", but fortunately nobody would be crazy enough to do such).

As I said before, the house they live is inspired by a cabin that my family would go to at a town where my grandma lives. We would go there from 2016 to 2018, but stopped for an unknown reason, mainly because of the pandemic or something like that.

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