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Lemmedine is a snarky wise-cracking beast who is well-known for having a kink of fighting others. He currently lives in the town Difference and works at an underground lair led by Fuzzy Wuzzy. Lemmedine's origin is unplanned, as of now, but hopefully, I can come up with some origin for him. However, one of the things in his past was him being a wrestler for about 5 years before retiring to become a Physical Education teacher at the school (where the underground lair is at...yes, it's under the school). His close friends is Fuzzy Wuzzy, Salsa Can, Bullet and Proof.

Lemmedine was created in 2019 as a beast who originally looked like a rat living in the sewer. He honestly didn't really have a purpose, as he would just be that one bodygaurd for the grocerite. Don't know what I'm talking about? When I made Salsa Can, I created this character for the "UglyDolls" character, Moxy, because I was too obsessed with crossovers (and still kinda am). Eventually, I just forgot about him until mid-2020 when I did a character gallery and redrew him again in the old design. However, 2 months later, I decided to redesign him by making him into what you see here. Basically, in a nutshell, he went from a sewer rat into a badass beast. That's it. Also, I kinda find him cute cuz of how furry he is (not gay though).

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