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NOTE: This page was originally created by Grust himself on Unfavorable Wikis and Users Wiki before said wiki got closed. Special thanks to SpazJR61 for sending me the original page's source.

Grust is the founder of Crappy Games Wiki. However his mind is now irreversibly damaged.

Why He's Terrifying Beyond Comprehension[edit]

  1. A compilation of SJW idiocy, the ongoing riots along with playing Depression Quest warped his mind turning him into the sick twisted monster you all know today.
  2. He's pure evil.
  3. He likes to threaten and torture administrators as they are lightning rods to his madness and refers to them as his toys.
  4. He personally enjoys taking a single administrator to single out for abuse.
  5. His threats border way beyond a measly death threat and involves horrific tortures like Superman 64 or forcing others to watch 10 hour loop videos on YouTube.
  6. He's knows fully well he's insane and enjoys his madness. In fact, HE ADDED HIMSELF TO THIS WIKI PERSONALLY.
  7. He wishes to breathe in mercury vapor to further increase his madness.
  8. Openly admits he regards the Joker as one of his heroes.
  9. Often links the Little Babies Ice Cream commercial on Discord as a form of torture.
  10. Likes to blame literally every anything on administrators, even a yellowed console Restoration YouTubers restore and repair.
  11. In his Top Top Favorite Horror Games He revealed his true form as a mass of tentacles and flesh which can only be described as Lovecraftian. He would have sucked the souls out of all the administrators if a Karen didn't show up forcing him to record that shit.
  12. His cooking tips are so bullshit!!!!! WHY! WHY!! WHY!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Redeeming Qualities[edit]

  1. He's announced he'd be taking a break torturing administrators due to ongoing Karen crisis.
  2. For weird reasons beyond comprehension, he's also an incredible user at the same time.




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