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Fuzzy Wuzzy is a hybrid between a bull and a pig who runs an underground lair under a school with P.E. teacher Lemmedine and school district newspaper photographer runner Salsa Can. He currently lives in Difference. Fuzzy's parents are mentioned, but not seen, which means they are around, but believe it or not, Fuzzy believes he's old enough to live on his own, therefore making his underground lair his own home. At one point, he sent Lemmedine and Salsa Can home to study for an English test. Bullet and Proof, although members of the club, do not meet in meetings as they always have things to do.

Fuzzy was a character based off of a Ty Beanie Babie I had as a kid, and a pretty rare one, too. I got it during a parade where some float was throwing tons of plushies to all of the children who were watching and Fuzzy landed close enough for me to get it. His real name is Snort, but literally years after getting it, I named him Fuzzy Wuzzy after a bank I got as a kid where a cat would take your coin and meow. The cat's name was...you guessed it...Fuzzy Wuzzy. Fuzzy's look was inspired by Peter Hannan's artstyle used for his Nicktoon "CatDog".

It wasn't until 2019 that I abandoned for a short time because I didn't feel like he had any point until mid-2020 that I brought him back as "Al Rojo", but I didn't like that name, so his "Al Rojo" name became his real name, while the name he prefers is Fuzzy Wuzzy.

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