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Vyond 2018.svg.png This is a character that notably appears in Vyond videos.

DuchessTheSponge is an antagonist in Wage's videos. He appears in 2 videos, the first one being DuchessTheSponge Hijacks a Theater/Grounded as the main antagonist and Anonymy Kills Seph/Grounded as the a minior character.


Duchess first appeared in DuchessTheSponge Hijacks a Theater/Grounded, he was watching TV to see what's new on Nickelodeon and after the announcement of Sponge on the Run, he went to the theater to see the movie just to find out it wasn't in his theaters. Duchess then got pissed to the point where he decided to hijack the theater, he then call SpongeBob and Patrick to help him and they eventually arrive. Patrick then killed one of the workers of the theaters and replaced Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to a loop footage of the Grubhub Delivery Dance causing a lot of people to cry and wanted their money back, the people in the theater then wanted a refund but the 2 main workers already spent their money causing both of them to get beaten up. Later, once they both got up, the female worker then realize who did this and then they call security on Duchess. Duchess later went home as he was tired but when he entered the house, he saw 2 characters in the house questioning him if he hijacked the theater, Duchess then points a gun at both of them but fail to shoot. Clancy Gilroy knocks him down before he shoots them and then he got grounded. He's voice by James.


Name: Duchess
First Appearance: 2020
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Family: Unknown
Allies: SpongeBob, Patrick, Mariokid, Portrock1566, Anonymy
Enemies: Clancy Gilroy, the theater workers
Likes: SpongeBob SquarePants, hijacking, Nickelodeon, Kamp Koral
Dislikes: His enemies, being grounded
Voice: James

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