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Chaofun is an adult chao who currently lives in a house at a town. His former residence belonged at the Chao Garden before it was eventually corrupted and destroyed, therefore having him transported like all other chao in the garden to Earth. He is known to be more "human" than any other chao and has started speaking full English as a child, having him discriminated by others due to the unusual behavior. At Earth, his friends are Scott and Dareth, who are human.

Although it may not be the first character I ever made, it is the very first character I made that I surprisingly still draw on a regular basis since 2013, over 8 years ago. Chaofun was based off of an actual chao I had in the Chao Garden on Sonic Adventure 2: Battle before he passed away at age 5. Upset, I made him into a Minecraft skin using a editor on a Kindle Fire tablet. Eventually, I would get on my dad's old Windows Vista computer and make tons of art on MS Paint (I even made a racing game). I continously drawn him so much to the point that I attempted to bring him back in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, to where I made him into a blue Nights chao, which wasn't the same. I attempted to bring him back on the Xbox 360 port of SA2 as a regular Nights chao, and wasn't also the same. Finally, after getting both SADX and SA2 back from suffering of Chao syndrome (the only cure was taking away the games for a year), I brought him back again as I fully remember.

Chaofun's appearance was originally inspired by Sonic, Minecraft, and Oggy and the Cockroaches (a show you may have not heard of, but it's actually a really popular show, just look up "OGGY" on YouTube; I still pay homage to the show). In fact, the current design you see was how I always imagined of Chaofun ever since I watched the Owl City parody "How Can I Craft This Again?" (which is a Minecraft spoof of the song "When Can I See You Again?" from Wreck-It-Ralph). The thing was, I never attempted to draw him like that until mid-2020, making it a redesign, so from 2013 to mid-2020, I drew Chaofun like a Minecraft skin, only except he could move his arms and legs like a normal being, and not a Minecraft character. Chaofun was also a name I had when I first joined Miraheze before renaming into the godforbidden Pinky Malinky, but that's a whole...WHOLE different story noone, not even me, would be willing to retell.

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